What else can go wrong on this flight????

Since yesterday morning I’ve been on my way once again, this time on my way to Halifax. Even though my flights involved two stop-overs in London and Philadelphia, I didn’t expect it to be that bad (I’ve survived several flights to and from Australia/ New Zealand, so how bad could it be!!!!).

The first flight from Brussels to London was perfectly fine, though I had to get up at 4:30am to get on my way to the airport and I was a bit tired overall I got through check-in quite quickly and thankfully didn’t have to pay any extra fees for my overweight suitcase (it was over 1 kg too much, but the lady at check-in was super nice).

Once I arrived in London I had about two hours  to get something to eat and hang out the bit. For once I didn’t have to change Terminal which, if you’ve ever been to London Heathrow you know, is quite nice. So everything seemed to be fine and we even got so far to all be seated on the plane, ready to go when an announcement came through that there was a technical problem that couldn’t be fixed quickly, so we had to change planes. This would result in a 2 1/2 hour delay, exactly the time I had in Philadelphia for my next plane change. So I was off to Customer Service with about 20-30 other people that obviously also had transfers in Philadelphia they wouldn’t make. There I was told that the flight I would miss was the last one going to Halifax that day so they could book me on the first one going the next morning and I could stay in a hotel for the night. Since there was nothing else to do, that seemed like a fine idea.

Now this is the second time in my life that I’m flying through Philadelphia and my plane is delayed and all onwards travel get screwed up. The first half hour in Philadelphia after we arrived almost four hours later than we were scheduled to, it all seemed to go well. I got an envelope with a hotel voucher for a hotel room and a meal and a description to where the shuttle pick-up is. Only once I got there I met three others that got the same things and told me that the shuttle didn’t come, they had already waited over 15 minutes. So it was back to the Ground staff to see what was going on, after another 30 minutes waiting we were told that though they blogged rooms for us, the hotel gave them away (I still can’t figure out how something like this happens. Anyway now we had to wait again for them to figure out which other hotel still had rooms left, apparently all the hotels they usually worked with were completely booked!

Anyway three hours after arriving in Philadelphia, we were at a hotel and thankfully the staff there was super nice and got us checked in quickly. By that time I was so exhausted that all I wanted was a shower and a bed, and thankfully I finally got that. So what did I learn from that (and several comments of my friends on facebook): Don’t transfer through Philadelphia! I’m sure it’s a nice city, but I have no luck with the Airport.

So if anyone actually reads this, hopefully you felt more like you read something about me sharing an experience (not a fun one but still an experience) and not just me complaining about my bad flight…

My collection of plane tickets from this trip
My collection of plane tickets from this trip

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