First days in Akureyri, Iceland

Two days ago i started my new job for the next few months. After doing volunteering work and internships last year, I’m happy that I now found a paid job in the field that I want to work in (even if its only for a few months, its a start). As a Marine Biologist it can be hard to find paid work and you have to get used to sending lots of applications and getting lots of rejections (if you even hear back).

Anyway I’m now in Iceland and started my new job as a Guide with Ambassador Whale Watching. So far I’ve been out on the water twice and it was amazing. The crew on the boat is great and we saw a beautiful Humpback whale as well as some Harbor porpoises. Humpback whales are baleen whales and feed on little fish, krill or plankton. They can have a size of up to 17m and weigh up to 30 tonnes. When they go for a dive they often show their fluke. This helps researchers to identify them as each fluke has a unique black and white pattern on the back.

Humpback whale going for a dive
Humpback whale going for a dive

Akureyri is located at the end of the Eyjafördur fjord, which is 60 km long and the longest fjord in Iceland. Whales come to these productive waters for feeding over the summer time.



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