‘I don’t speak Icelandic’


This has pretty much been my motto for the last week! Last Monday we (three other girls I work with and me) went on a 2 1/2 day trip to Reykjavik, however not for fun. We took a course for working on the boat on how to react in Emergency Situations. While it seemed like a good idea, the whole course was in Icelandic and two of the girls had to translate most of the stuff. It made the course quite tedious, but we survived and got our certificates.

Since the course took up most of the our time we only had a little time to explore Reykjavik but it seems to be a nice city. We visited the Perlan, which basically is a building overlooking the city, as well as seeing a protest by the Icelandic people in front of their parliament. A lot of people aren’t happy with the current government and their decisions.

Protest on front of the Parliament
Protest on front of the Parliament

Thankfully when working on the boat my lack of knowledge when it come to the Icelandic language doesn’t matter as most people are coming from other countries anyway. So far every tour I was on as a guide was in English, though there have been quite a lot of people from Germany on the boat. Especially families with kids and its always fun to answer questions of kids or talk to them about whales. The last two days were really nice days on the water and we saw a beautiful Humpback whale and today had a great Minke whale sighting as well.

Humpback whale going for a dive
Humpback whale going for a dive

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