Days with Whales

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts we are finally getting more and more whales coming into the fjord. Its absolutely amazing and I am having so much fun every time that I’m working. This last week in particular had quite a few good trips, ranging from whales feeding close to the surfaces or lunge feeding to a trip where we were surrounded by humpback whales on every side of the boat and even more aways from us. On that trip I managed to count at least 10 but there were probably more in the distance, and two of them breached. It was a truly beautiful experience (sadly also the one day I didn’t have my camera with me, never gonna make that mistake again). It’s so great that this is my work for the next few months!

So basically what this post is all about is that I just want to share this with you by showing you some more photos (from the trips I actually had my camera):


Northern Fulmer, most common seabird in Iceland
Northern Fulmer, most common seabird in Iceland
New Humpback I hadn't seen before :)
New Humpback I hadn’t seen before 🙂


Beautiful white fluke
Beautiful white fluke

Painted Postcards

Today really turned into a painting day. I thought I would only do the one I included in my earlier post but then a few more Ideas came to mind and I made two more: A frangipani flower and a bird that could be a Hummingbird. For the Hummingbird I basically just took the outline and then went to see what I can do with the colours I had. None of them are as brilliant as the colours Hummibgbirds have in nature but I liked the shades of blue and green. He also ended up having a big belly, so lets pretend that he just finished up a yummy meal of nectar (maybe from the frangipani flower) 😉


Postcards – Bought and made

Even though I’ve only been in Iceland for about three weeks I couldn’t resist buying and sending a few postcards to friends and family already. Of course I forgot to take a photo of the first outgoing batch of cards, but these are the ones I send today 🙂


These are now on their way to Germany, Hawaii, Russia and New Zealand. I can’t wait to hear how long they take to arrive. So far I figured out that mail to Germany is relatively quick as the card I send to my parents arrived after just a few days.

On my days off work I felt like being creative so I did a few watercolour (aquarell) paintings. I brought a little postcard sized block of Watercolour paper with me and it was a really good decision. These are the ones I made so far:


The peacock feather was just for fun and then I wanted to paint something with an Icelandic theme, so I attempted the Northern lights. The white dots on the bottom one were supposed to be stars but look more like snow :D. My only Issue now is that I’m not sure weather they will survive being send as normal postcards or if the risk of them getting wet on the way to their destination is too big… Has anyone experience with sending watercolour postcards? Did they arrive at their destination safely or did the picture got destroyed when they got wet? I appreciate any tips 🙂

The Humpbacks are coming

These last few days working here in Iceland have been absolutely amazing. Although we’ve been seeing a whale most days it was always quite a bit of work to find them but I’ve been working the last two days and there are at least four Humpbacks and one Minke whale in the fjord. I’m really excited as hopefully it means that more whales will be arriving from now on and there will be more to see. Seeing four whales in one tour is really cool though and yesterday we had a very special day. Humpback whales tend to show quite a few different surface behaviours and one of our whales here was really active yesterday. it did some inverted lobtailing (lying on its back at the surface and repeatedly slapping the fluke on the water), some tailslapping and even breached. Of course I was a bit too late with my camera to get the breach on photo but it was amazing. When you see such a big animal jump out of the water it really shows you just how magnificent they are. I’m sooo happy right now!!!! So enjoy the pictures:

Tailslapping Humpback
Tailslapping Humpback
what I managed to get from the breach, there is a whale in there somewhere
what I managed to get from the breach, there is a whale in there somewhere
Inverted Lobtailing
Inverted Lobtailing

Outgoing mail

DSC03834 DSC03836

These two letters are on their way to North America, one to Canada and one to the States. On the first one I tried to depict the Aurora Borealis that can be seen in Iceland during certain months. Though it didn’t turn out the way I wanted, I hope that my penpal will still like and recognize it :). For the other letter I used an envelope that I made out of an old calender page. I brought a few snail mail supplies with me when I left for Iceland such as envelopes and some washi tape samples that you can see in these pics as well. I’ve been using them to cover up the addresses.

Besides some of my snailmail supplies I also took my aquarell colours with me, hopefully I’ll get around to paint a little bit the next time I have a day off.