Days with Whales

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts we are finally getting more and more whales coming into the fjord. Its absolutely amazing and I am having so much fun every time that I’m working. This last week in particular had quite a few good trips, ranging from whales feeding close to the surfaces or lunge feeding to a trip where we were surrounded by humpback whales on every side of the boat and even more aways from us. On that trip I managed to count at least 10 but there were probably more in the distance, and two of them breached. It was a truly beautiful experience (sadly also the one day I didn’t have my camera with me, never gonna make that mistake again). It’s so great that this is my work for the next few months!

So basically what this post is all about is that I just want to share this with you by showing you some more photos (from the trips I actually had my camera):


Northern Fulmer, most common seabird in Iceland
Northern Fulmer, most common seabird in Iceland
New Humpback I hadn't seen before :)
New Humpback I hadn’t seen before 🙂


Beautiful white fluke
Beautiful white fluke

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