Outgoing Postcards (and other things happening)


These are just a few postcards that will hopefully find their way out into the world soon! Iceland has such an abundance of great cards that I could just keep buying more and every time I go to the store I have to remind myself that I don’t need them (or have the money at the point). I did buy about 14 postcards recently to be send out within in the next few weeks, so there are probably gonna be a few more pictures once I’ve decided which one goes to where. Anyway these five are going to Canada, USA, Germany and New Zealand.

I’m also currently waiting for a parcel from home that will have a few letters in it, which arrived in Germany after I left. Once my parents came back from their vacation they send it off and I really hope it will arrive soon. As you can see I’m not very patient when I know there is mail on the way to me 😀

Otherwise I’ve had a few visiting me over the last few days and it’s always so nice to catch up when you haven’t seen someone in a while. They could only stay for a day each but we had lots of fun times. Of course that included going on a whale watch and both of them turned out great with lots of whales and lots of activity. All the trips have been amazing recently have been amazing. The 1 1/2 weeks of beautiful summer weather unfortunately ended  after the weekend and now we’re back to clouds and rain and cold.


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