Laufáshnjúkur Hike

A couple weeks ago I went on a mountain hiking tour with the local Hiking club here in Akureyri. Through one of the women I work with I got into contact with another german girl that lives here in Akureyri. She goes on a lot of hiking trips with them and I decided to tag along. Although the hike was great, it was a bit harder than what I’m currently able to do. I made it to the top though (the last bit was very steep and gravely) and though I was definitely the last one most of the time I didn’t care. The mountain that we hiked up is called Laufáshnjúkur and I can not pronounce it at all 😀 We started at 9PM and by the time we reached the top it was midnight and we could see the Midnight sun (trying to set, but not quite low enough). It was a first time I was still up around 2AM (when we reached the bottom again) and it was quite fascinating to see that time of the night.

The mountain top on the right is where we are going to
The mountain top on the right is where we are going to
View from the top
View from the top
Made it :)
Made it 🙂
Some Icelandic horses
Some Icelandic horses

One thought on “Laufáshnjúkur Hike

  1. Oh Icelandic, I do love the sound of it but every time I look at Icelandic place names my brain screams ‘those letters don’t belong next to each other, why are those letters together!’
    The view from atop that unpronounceable mountain though is stunning. I’d love to be able to go for walks (possibly not hiking, I don’t think I’m quite up for hiking!) at midnight and have there still be light.

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