Snailmail supplies

Before I came to Iceland I decided that instead of trying to buy greeting cards every time I want to write a letter, like I did last year in the States, this time I’m going to be prepared. While packing and cleaning up my room I found this old travel document pouch. Finally my bad habit of not being able to throw stuff away that could be useful in the future, actually came in handy.


So the right front pocket holds different envelopes. There are different sizes, plain white ones that leave room for lots of decorations. Same with the plain dark blue ones, that are a bit smaller than the white ones. Just for fun I also brought a couple of my selfmade envelopes with me. These were made from a calendar with paintings of Australia that I had to buy because it was on sale and I loved the coulourful pictures.


Both the front and back right pockets have some postcards that I got for myself from Canada and here. Though one or two of them might find a new home with one of my penpals. The ‘Great Gatsby’ card, is actually a small greeting card that I fell in love with.


Then in the back right and left pocket are some papers, mostly the Diddl papers you see in this photo. I still have a lot of these papers left, probably like every other german 90’s kid that went crazy in elementary school collecting all of them. Now I’m finally getting around to actually using them 🙂


Then the last pocket (front left) has some labels, stickers and washi tape samples for decorating my letters. As much as I love buying new snail mail supplies (and finding out that the Tiger store in the mall here has some awesome stuff was really tempting), I’m trying to save up money so I brought quite a few different things with me just to avoid buying a lot of new stuff. I’m sure at some point I will cave and at least get a couple new things but so far I’ve been good.


So that’s all that I’ve brought with me! Today I used it all to write a letter to a penpal that currently lives in Chile. I also love all the different stamps they have in Iceland, every time I go to the post office they have different ones. They were a bit confused though when I asked if they had the Europa 2015 stamps, in the end they did but only for mail within Europe.



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