Incoming mail from home

A few days ago I got my package from home, I was worried that it would take longer due to the postal strike that was going on in Germany but thankfully it didn’t get stuck in that. I always love getting packages from my mum because even if I know what she is sending me, there are always some little extra surprises in there.


One of the things I asked her to send me were my crocheting hooks and one of my yarns that I had at home but wasn’t sure of so far what I want to use it for. Since I’ve been in Iceland though I’ve felt the urge to crochet again a lot so it’s nice to have the right tools now.


I also asked her to send me some tea as its been hard for me to find some that I like. Not only did she send me the one I asked for, but three other kinds as well. Besides the tea she put in two Milka Chokolate bars (with Vanilla pudding filling) in it. Its a new one that we discovered and both fell in love with a few months ago. Lastly she also send me some salat dressing so that I can make my favourite Rice salat. DSC03893

Of course one of the main reasons for the package were all the letters that arrived after I left. There were two letters from a penpal from Florida (one of them already a reply to the letter I send her from here), a letter from the UK, one from Indonesia, another one from a new penpal from France and lastly one from a penpal in Germany. It was so much fun to finally read them. Unfortunately I had to work a lot the days after I got the package so so far I only got around to replying to one of the letters.




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