Snailmail from the last week

Due to all the work I didn’t have a lot of time to actually write a lot of mail, so the only outgoings I have for now are these three postcards, all going to relatives in Germany. I absolutely love all the postcards you can get here, the landscapes are just so stunning!DSC03918

On the weekend I got two letters (my first actual letters reaching me in Iceland, yay) and both were so nice. Usually I forget to take photos of the contents of the letter as well and we have to see if I can manage to remember it for my replies to these lovely letters. But for once I thought of it ;). The first one is from a penpal of mine who currently works in Chile. We were both a bit worried about how long out letters would take between Chile and Iceland but this one was surprisingly quick and arrived in just about 3 weeks. I hope that my letter reached her as well, I have a feeling that we send them around the same time 😀 DSC03920

The other letter that reached me is from my new penpal in France, who send me a cute/funny Horse :). I was so surprised to already get a reply to my letter. The mail within Europe is really fast. Look at these wondergul stampstickers she used as well. They’re Alice in Wonderland themed and I absolutely love them so I had to take a close-up to show them to you all. DSC03921 DSC03922

This lovely postcard from Rome came to me just yesterday from a friend who traveled around Europe for several weeks. I knew I was getting a postcard from her but wasn’t sure where it would be from. She actually send it from France where she went after Italy and it was really nice to read about all her adventures.DSC03923


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