Sunset Breaching

The last few days have been really busy, I’ve been working a lot from Friday to Monday and even though that meant less sleep it also meant a lot of great tours with awesome sightings of Humpback whales, a Minke whale and quite a few Harbour porpoises. The highlight was probably saturday evening when we got closer to Hjalteyri and saw a whale breaching in the distance. Normally that would mean that by the time we get closer to the whale it’ll stop but this one just kept going. It was so much fun to watch and after a while I recognized it as a whale that’s been around for a while but usually doesn’t fluke when it goes for a dive. However it is easy to recognize from its dorsal fin pattern. This was already really exciting, but then after a while it actually did 3(!!!) fluking dives and I finally saw the fluke pattern :). That tour just made me ridiculously happy!


Chin slap breach
Chin slap breach


Whale diving off into the sunset
Whale diving off into the sunset

On that tour we also had a team on board that was filming some promotional material for the company using a camera attached to a drone, so they managed to capture all these beautiful whale action in the sunset on video! Super excited to see it once they cut it all together. They came out on two different tours and got so much good material because both were excellent tours.


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