Yellow incomings

The theme of my incoming mail these last couple of weeks was quite summery which was super nice. My penpals must have been in a really good and happy mood as they all sent me letters in yellow envelopes that made me smile as soon as I saw them. They came from all over Europe: France, Britain and Germany.


I also got around to writing a few letters, one going to a new penpal in Poland that contacted me last week. Another being a reply to my penpal Catherine in France who send me one of those summary letters from above 🙂 Of course I forgot to take a picture of the first one before closing the envelope but with the other one I remembered.

DSC03985 DSC03992

I really love Icelandic stamps and when I went to the post office last week they gave me these cool stamps (they were left over from the Europa series from last year and i love them so much). They are the ones for letters outside of Europe though and so far I haven’t had one to reply to, so I couldn’t use them yet. Hopefully soon 🙂



Signs of Summer

Summer in Akureyri was very unpredictable, while we had several good weeks in June, July was mostly rainy and cold and we all were hoping that we would get to see the sun again before summer is over. Well August has been really nice and we had lots of good days these last two weeks with sunshine and some days were there was barely any wind and you could walk around in a t-shirt (I know what a crazy thought, walking around in a t-shirt in Summer!!!). Last week when I had a day of I went to check out the Botanical gardens again, the first time I was there at the beginning of July there weren’t a lot of flowers blooming yet. Now however it was beautiful, lots of flowers and sunshine. I ended up sitting there for a couple of hours in the sun, reading a good book.







Whales at 10,12,2,6….

….oh and also a bit further away at 9 and 3!!! If you’ve ever been on a whale watch or dolphin watch before you might have heard something like this before. Most companies use the clock system to tell their visitors in which direction they should look to see the animals. Well we do the same however at the moment you get to a point where you actually feel just a bit ridiculous calling out all these numbers because there are so many humpback whales that you just call out number after number and don’t get around to actually explain anything about these amazing animals. But you also can’t stop because there will always be at least some people that don’t look out at the fjord but rather look at you the whole time expecting you to tell them where to look even though there are whales in all directions around you.

At the moment we are very lucky because this is the ways it goes with almost every tour that we go out on. There are between 20-25 humpback whales in the Fjord and over the last week we saw around 8 new individuals that we hadn’t seen before this season. Not only have we been really lucky with the whales but also with the weather and we had some amazing tours with glassy sea conditions and even quite a bit of sunshine 🙂








This las photo was after coming back from the evening tour a couple days ago (around 9:30), where the sunset and the clouds was just mirrored perfectly in the harbour!

A couple of weeks ago we had a few guys on the boat that filmed our whales with a drone and the material they got was used to put together a short clip about the whales in Eyjafördur that we have been so fortunate to see this season, if you want you cant take a look at Whales of Akureyri.

Package from home

This one is pretty self explanatory, a couple weeks ago I took the last pictures from my film in my polaroid camera and after doing a lot of internet research (which can be translated into googeling the s**t out of cheaper options) I finally decided to risk it and order a fuji film for my Polaroid PIC 300. Since I don’t have my own ebay account, my dad ordered it for me and once it arrived my parents sent it to me along with more yarn so that I could finish the beanie I started. Anyway my mom being the awesome person she is send me some other treats to fill up the package and yesterday I finally had the notification from the post office that I can pick it up. This is what I found when I opened it:


My all time favourite chips (unfortunately I can never get them when I'm in a different country...)
My all time favourite chips (unfortunately I can never get them when I’m in a different country…)
the rest: yarn chocolate, haribo, cute card, the film and some newspaper articles from home
the rest: yarn chocolate, haribo, cute card, the film and some newspaper articles from home

Can you find the little star on the card that doesn’t want to go to bed yet? 😉DSC03978

I already used the yarn to finish up the beanie (only about 4 rows were missing to make it long enough. The pattern I used was really simply and it didn’t turn out perfect as I had some issues adding stitches correctly in the first rows until I reached the diameter needed for my head but it’s not that noticeable when I wear it. The color is so nice that I don’t mind having to come up with something else to use it for 🙂


Whales on my mind

Today I used my day of to be productive but in a more fun productive way then yesterday (which I spend mostly writing job applications). You can see though where I still get my main inspiration from at the moment :D. Since I only have a small postcard sized paper block with me all of these were finished rather quickly and I’m also trying different styles like the two on the side that are a bit more abstract and vague (not quite as realistic), but I still kind of like them.


More Outgoing postcards (and a letter)

I’ve had couple of days of last week and used it to be productive and send some more postcards. There still are now about 10 people left that I want to write  card to, but I’m currently out of both cards and stamps so they’ll just have to wait a few more days. These following cards though went all over the world again: Germany, Australia and the States. The letter is a reply for my dear penpal Sarah in Chile. Finally I remembered to take a picture of the contents as well. That wasn’t the only one I wrote, and I thought I took a photo but my camera seemed to disagree with so I can’t show it to you guys. That second letter was the reply for my new penfriend Catherine in France. So now I’m all out of letters to reply 🙂




New scarf for colder days

Since my package from home arrived I’ve been quite busy crocheting. The first project I started was a beanie using the light turquoise yarn that came with my crocheting needles from home. Unfortunately the yarn wasn’t quite enough for the whole beanie (missing about 7-8 rows), so that project is now on standby until I can decide how i want to finish it. Instead I started a cozy scarf using a pattern I found on the Flamingo toes blog I discovered a few weeks ago while looking for crochet scarf patterns. Not only did I find that great pattern but I also fell in love with the blog, which has lots of creative tutorials for all things crafty. So if you love creating things and you haven’t seen this blog yet you should check it out :)! But back to my scarf, this is the result:

DSC03931 DSC03957 DSC03958

I just realised that the colours look different in each photo, but the way the blue looks in the second one is closest to how it looks in reality. Of course now that I finished the scarf we finally got some warmer temperatures (around 10°C) again, but thats okay ;). I might still use it on the boat when it gets really windy.