New scarf for colder days

Since my package from home arrived I’ve been quite busy crocheting. The first project I started was a beanie using the light turquoise yarn that came with my crocheting needles from home. Unfortunately the yarn wasn’t quite enough for the whole beanie (missing about 7-8 rows), so that project is now on standby until I can decide how i want to finish it. Instead I started a cozy scarf using a pattern I found on the Flamingo toes blog I discovered a few weeks ago while looking for crochet scarf patterns. Not only did I find that great pattern but I also fell in love with the blog, which has lots of creative tutorials for all things crafty. So if you love creating things and you haven’t seen this blog yet you should check it out :)! But back to my scarf, this is the result:

DSC03931 DSC03957 DSC03958

I just realised that the colours look different in each photo, but the way the blue looks in the second one is closest to how it looks in reality. Of course now that I finished the scarf we finally got some warmer temperatures (around 10°C) again, but thats okay ;). I might still use it on the boat when it gets really windy.


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