Whales at 10,12,2,6….

….oh and also a bit further away at 9 and 3!!! If you’ve ever been on a whale watch or dolphin watch before you might have heard something like this before. Most companies use the clock system to tell their visitors in which direction they should look to see the animals. Well we do the same however at the moment you get to a point where you actually feel just a bit ridiculous calling out all these numbers because there are so many humpback whales that you just call out number after number and don’t get around to actually explain anything about these amazing animals. But you also can’t stop because there will always be at least some people that don’t look out at the fjord but rather look at you the whole time expecting you to tell them where to look even though there are whales in all directions around you.

At the moment we are very lucky because this is the ways it goes with almost every tour that we go out on. There are between 20-25 humpback whales in the Fjord and over the last week we saw around 8 new individuals that we hadn’t seen before this season. Not only have we been really lucky with the whales but also with the weather and we had some amazing tours with glassy sea conditions and even quite a bit of sunshine 🙂








This las photo was after coming back from the evening tour a couple days ago (around 9:30), where the sunset and the clouds was just mirrored perfectly in the harbour!

A couple of weeks ago we had a few guys on the boat that filmed our whales with a drone and the material they got was used to put together a short clip about the whales in Eyjafördur that we have been so fortunate to see this season, if you want you cant take a look at Whales of Akureyri.


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