Crocheting away

So its been a while since I last posted anything which isn’t because nothing happened but more because I’ve been busy either working or doing stuff and enjoying the nice weather we’ve been having this last week.

But even though the weather has been quite nice and we did have quite a lot of sunny days it is also getting gradually colder. So I’ve spend quite a bit of time crocheting making a hairband, a beanie and just a little flower thing.


I still love this yarn that I used for the headband. There is quite a bit left and I just have to come up with something else to use it for. The pattern for this is from the blog ‘Rescued Paw designs‘. I found it more or less by accident when I was bored and looking for things I could do with my yarn 🙂 The pattern was well described and not to complicated which was exactly what I was looking for.


The pattern for this beanie I saw on the blog ‘All About Ami’ and the pattern is called Urban Jungle Slouchy Beanie. There are a lot of nice patterns on this blog or links to patterns as it was mostly for this beanie. The shape looks a bit odd but I’m pleased with it for a first try, the puff stitches were a bit iffy at the beginning but I got a hang of them after a few rounds. The fact that shape isn’t completely even doesn’t really matter when I wear it (at least I think its not noticeable). So far I’ve only worn it once but I have a feeling that it’ll get used a lot over the winter. My sister already told me she wants one as well when I showed it to her over skype today 🙂




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