Snailmail again

Its been a while since I last shared some of my mail with you guys but there’s actually been quite a few different letters, both coming to and leaving my mailbox. The first one being a reply to one of my yellow letters, this one going to Germany. I actually replied to the third yellow letter as well but it seems that I completely forgot to take a photo of it. Last week I also got a couple of my whale and Northern Light photos printed (yes I did actually see the Aurora Borealis and am planning on a whole post about it so please just be a bit patient, I seem to take a bit to write the posts at the moment) and of course I had to add these photos to the letters for my penpals.DSC04015

This is a letter I received from my penpal in the States (sorry about the bad photo quality, my little camera is slowly having a breakdown just like my phone 😦 Technology doesn’t seem to like me at the moment). The next letter is a reply to this letter but of course forgot to take a photo before I closed the envelope (whoopsie). But I finally got to use the stamp for letters outside of Europe, yay 🙂DSC04017


These are two more incoming letters from Europe, one from France and the other one from Poland. I really like the design of that polish stamp, in case you haven’t noticed yet I really like Stamps and I actually do collect them but only because I like the different designs not because I think that specific stamps have or will have a high value. So I’m not a serious stamp collector, its all just for fun.DSC04030

Another letter where I got to use the pretty outside – Europe stamp. This one goes to Canada to a penfriend I haven’t heard back from in a while so I just wanted to check and see whats up (maybe my last letter was actually lost???)…DSC04034

Lastly this letter is going to my new penpal in Poland. I just finished writing it, today is perfect letter writing weather. Its gray and kind of stormy outside, not really stormy but super windy and I don’t feel like venturing outside at all. DSC04036


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