Last outgoings from Iceland

Time is going fast now and I actually only have about 2 1/2 weeks left before I’ll be on my way back to Germany. So these few postcards are most likely the last mail I’ll be sending from Iceland. Two are for friends that for some reason hadn’t gotten a card from here yet and the last one is for a postcrossing swap. I can’t wait to get back to postcrossing once I’m back in Germany. I already have lots of new stamps waiting for me to come back to and use, that I ordered last week and have been told that they already arrived. I’ve also send another letter but forgot to take a photo before I send it off…


The one on top with all the stamps is for the postcrossing swap. As its going to someone who also loves stamps I used a couple of different ones (after checking at the post office which ones could be used together). Although now there’s probably too much postage on it but thats okay 🙂 She promised me to use a few different ones for my postcard as well so I’m looking forward to getting it when I’m back in Germany.


These are mostly just stamps for me to take home with for my collection. I prefer used ones that have the cancellation over it since I like imaging the journey they had getting to me but since I find it kind of silly to send a letter to myself just to have all the stamps (and believe me I have considered that option, still haven’t decided completely against it…), I’ll probably just take them all with me. I really adore all the lighthouse stamps.IMG_2274


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