Snailmail related souvenirs

There are only about three days left before I’m leaving Akureyri and in about a week I’m leaving Iceland completely so naturally in my mind that means I got to buy some souvenirs. Not just for my family but also for me. As I’m not sure whether there is a Tiger store in Reykjavik but (unless something happened while I was gone) I know we don’t have one at home, this was my first stop. I’ve been eying that washi tape and the tags for a few weeks now. The tape mainly because I wanted the anchors but it came in a pack of three and lets be honest its really quite cheap at the tiger store so I’m sure I’ll find something to do with the neon pink one as well. That role of tickets has only been in the store for the last week and as soon as I saw it I had all these ideas how I can use the bits for scrapbooking or creating envelopes and snailmail so it had to come home with me :). The small sticky notes with the whale and fish are pretty self explanatory, its a whale so I had to have it 😀 DSC04037

Last weekend I made the mistake of looking up Icelandic stamp designs on the internet, once I found the right page my brain went in two different directions; first ‘why haven’t I looked at these before I could have ordered all these beautiful designs and used them throughout the whole summer’ and then came the more rational one ‘thank god I didn’t see this before or I would have ordered them all for myself and would have only half as much money saved now’. Yesterday I made the mistake of just ‘quickly’ checking at the post office if they would have any of the ones that I really liked. Big mistake! They had actually quite a few of them and I couldn’t resist getting some of the designs for myself. I absolutely love those Aurora Borealis stamps from 2013. I was convinced they wouldn’t have them at the post office and didn’t even bother to ask but when I asked about the ‘year of the soil’ mini sheet (the one on the right) from this year, she brought out a whole folder full of mini sheets and they had heaps of the Aurora ones left. The seal stamps were the other ones that I was really hoping for but now expecting them to have anymore since they are from a few years ago as well. I really like them and am super happy. All the ones on the right side of the second picture are the Island Europa stamps from 2013 (post vehicles), 2014 (music instruments) and 2015 (old toys). DSC04038



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