Pile of mail

Its official, I’m back in Germany… actually I got back yesterday but even though the actual flight was only about 3 hours the fact that it was in the middle of the night just made for a hell of a long day and I wasn’t much used after the first half of the day yesterday.

But anyway now I’m back my brain is working again and I had this awesome pile of incoming mail waiting for me!!! Isn’t it fantastic. I think there’s a letter from every one of my current penpals in there and I can’t wait to read them all. The envelope that is decorated with the amazing drawing of the Emerald City is a response to a mail art I send to Eva for her OZ Postcard project. If you go to the link you can see a close up of the beautiful envelope. I’m a big fan of the World of Oz, especially the book and musical Wicked, so when I saw her project I knew I had to make something, if you want to see the card I made you can check it out here. Its not perfect but I was happy since it was the first time I tried my hand at collage/different mediums mail art.



These stamps deserved a close up, aren’t they all just fantastic?!?! Of course I love the whale and seals but the other ones are amazing as well. The design of the spanish Europa 2015 stamps is really nice in my opinion.


So now I have lots to read and can’t wait to start working on replies soon. It might take me a few days to get a reply out to everyone but it’ll be nice to take the time and write about my last Iceland adventures. There will also be a couple of posts about those last adventures in the next few days as I found a truly amazing place (well not found as in newly discovered, but found as in I’m so glad I went to this place that thousands of other people have already seen before) in Iceland that just has to be shared!


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