Iceland’s ‘Golden Circle’ Tour

The Golden Circle is kind of those few things that everyone goes to see when they come to Reykjavik. It even gets advertised as the classic tour. Since I had four days in Reykjavik before flying back home this was of course one of the things I wanted to do as well. It would have been a bit weird to spend 4 1/2 months in Iceland without seeing those classic tourist attractions. I went with one of those bigger bus tours, usually I don’t like them that much but as I didn’t have a car (and it actually snowed the night before, there was even a bit of snow in Reykjavik), it was a good decision.

The first stop was at Thingvellir Nationalpark. It is part of area where the tectonic plates of North America and Eurasia are moving apart, which creates quite a lot of fissures in the earth. There is one quite big one on the edge of the American plate where they build a Visiting Center for the Park and a Viewing platform as there is also quite a big lake (Lake Thingvillavatn).



From then on we drove further towards one of Iceland’s most known waterfalls: Gullfoss – the golden waterfall, although no-one knows anymore why its called golden. There are a few different theories one being that its from the golden evening hue of the water while another says that a farmer living in the area couldn’t bear the though of anyone else possessing all his gold so he put it all in a box and threw it in the waterfall. Its actually two waterfalls together but it is quite impressive. When I was there the weather wasn’t to nice so I didn’t get to see the rainbow that you can often see in the spray from it.


After this we went on to the last big stop, the geothermal region in Haukadalur where quite a few geysers can be found. This is actually where the one Geysir is situated that all other Geysers are named after (its name is actually Geysir). Unfortunately that one has been dormant for several decades now. But there is another one called Strokkur that still erupts every 6-7 minutes or so and is quite impressive.





One thought on “Iceland’s ‘Golden Circle’ Tour

  1. 4 and a half months in Iceland without seeing the classic attractions, that seems a doable thing to me. I mean, I managed to live in Belfast for 3 and a half months without ever going out on a trip to the Giant’s Causeway or visiting the Titanic museum…or doing anything touristy for that matter 😀


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