The Versatile Blogger Award


How exciting is this?!?!?! Emma over at Puddle Side Musings nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award (and yes I wasn’t sure at first what it was all about but now I love the Idea of it). Thank you and I love your blog as well (if it would make any sense to nominate you in return I would but it doesn’t so I just leave it like that). For anyone who is reading this and doesn’t know Puddle Side Musings you should totally check it out. Its a great blog about Stationary, lots of fun crafty DIY projects, Snail mail and Planners.

So the rules are really quite simple:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and of course include a link to their blog (to share the awesomeness that is their blog)
  2. Nominate 15 blogs of your choice for the Award and link them to your post
  3. Share 7 facts about yourself

Okay so here are the 15 blogs I nominate:

  1. The Snail Mail – awesome postcrossing blog with lots of pretty, interesting, sometimes weird postcards and great stamps that come with those
  2. JadeyBirdCrochet – lots of fantastic crocheting projects to swoon over
  3. SarrTrek – great mix of stunning photography, nature, snail mail, museums and lots of other bits in between
  4. Dear Detective – stamps (the crafts kind), art and snail mail
  5. Sleepy Coffee and Fables – photography, art and lots of inspiration
  6. Em’s Den – lots and lots of pretty snail mail
  7. YARNutopia – a great blog I just found that also has some fantastic crocheting tutorials
  8. Griperang’s Bookmarks – books, looots of great book reviews where I’ve found quite a few that are now on my to-read list
  9. Sparklegirl – great blog with a mix of recipes, crafty inspirations and other cool bits an pieces
  10. Mail Adventures – mail art, stamps and other things postal related things
  11. Writing my way around the globe – Another great blog about postcrossings and letters
  12. Lola’s Writing Place – Postcards, Letters and lots of pretty writing paper where these are written on
  13. Snails and Trains – Travelling and Snail mail, perfect combination
  14. In a Creative Bubble – Photography, Stationary and lots of Inspiration
  15. This little gremlin – Snail mail shown through lots of beautifully arranged photography

Wow I was pretty sure that I would have trouble figuring out 15 blogs to nominate but there actually could be quite a few more that are awesome as well. I guess these are the ones I read most often at the moment.

Anyway on to the facts about myself:

  1. I’m useless when it comes to technology but can’t live without my laptop, if anything is not working the way it should I’ll google the hell out of it
  2. Sometimes I wish I lived in the Regency period (and yes I just had to google which time period Jane Austen lived in and where her books are set) just so that I could wear those pretty clothes
  3. At other times I wish I could live in middle earth to wear all the pretty dresses from there and have fun in the Shire
  4. The Ocean is my favourite place in the world (this world we love on, if I could include all the fantastic worlds I read about in books I’d never be able to decide).
  5. I have read/listened/watched all the Harry Potter books/audio books/movies more times than I can count. (Actually watching ‘the chamber of secrets’ while typing this)
  6. It’s very hard for me to go to Knauber (a german store that is kind of a home improvement store but has a great crafty/artsy section) and leave again without buying anything
  7. Hate the fact that passports expire after six years and I have to start my collection of visas and country entrance/departure stamps again every six years

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