Postcrossing update

Its been so nice to be able to participate in postcrossing again. It truly is one of my favourite things to do (if I have lots of money for stamps that is). Since I send the first batch right after coming home and another one after the first ones arrived I’d been lucky to receive quite a few back over the last week or so.

First a few more outgoings that were send last week as I just realised that I haven’t posted them yet. The letters are going to France and Poland and again those two had a bit of a Halloween theme going. The pile on the last picture is that second batch of postcrossing cards I mentioned, half of these arrived already.




Now for my incoming cards, there were quite a few amazing ones. I was surprised though that there was only one that came from Germany. Instead I received 2 from Finland, 2 from the UK, 1 from France and 1 from Russia. The one from Germany was from a finish person currently staying here as well. The finish postcrossers must be very active at the moment.

Left 2 Finland, top right France, top left Germany

Now these ones were my favourites from the received ones.

Swap from NZ, I send her a card from Iceland before I left and was excited that she had a Hobbit maxicard left. I absolutely love these cards and bought them myself while I was there, sending a few through postcrossing and keeping some for my self.
Peter Rabbit card. I love all the Beatrix Potter stories and this is the first one I got (though I do have the postcard box as well, its nice to get a card thats written and stamped and had to travel a bit to get to me)
This card made me so happy. First I adore those british stamp postcards, second its an Alice card and third the sender used the same stamp 🙂
This one from Russia came today and even if I don’t know the artist/designer of the card I love how colourful it is and all the little details (the person on the flower has a bird in its hand which has a letter in its beak)

Now lastly my favourite stamps from the incoming postcards. Curiously the finish and NZ ones managed to find its way to me without getting a postmark. IMG_2990


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