Happiness from the World

These two letters came to me within the last week (I think, unfortunately I’ve been a bit sloppy writing down the date of my incoming…ups) and will be replied to before this weekend is over! That’s the goal and it will be kept because the next two weeks are super busy and I won’t even be home for 9 of the 14 days. So I hope that I’m going to be able to finish one reply tonight while rewatching HP6 (its on TV so it doesn’t matter that I just watched it a week ago or so on DVD). The other reply will be written tomorrow and I plan to remember to take a photo of them before sending them off on monday 😉

These two cards were incomings from the official postcrossing, another awesome Alice in Wonderland card from Germany and a beautiful touristy card form France.


These two cards were incomings from the official postcrossing site. The wonderful Alice in Wonderland card came from Germany and the beautiful view card from France. Unfortunately I have to wait until December when I get paid to buy new stamps so no more postcrossing cards will be send until then. But I already decided on ordering lots of the Christmas stamps our post released this year and am quite excited to use them once that time comes 😉 IMG_2995



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