Stamp adventures

A couple days ago my dad found all these fantastic stamps from Nepal that for some reason he still had and of course it made me super happy to get them. The ones in the middle seem to be part of a series of stamps about plants. There’s so much to see in all of them. IMG_3006

The Janosch stamp came out in 2013 and I found it in between my mums crafting stuff. Of course I asked her right away if I can have it. The Felix stamp is from this year and one of m favourites from this year. I loved the Felix books when I was younger. Do any of you know the ‘Letters from Felix’ books, it was always so much fun to open the individual letters in the books and see what the little rabbit was up to.


As promised here are the two letters I managed to write over the weekend. Although I didn’t manage to do everything I had planned for the weekend I did finish the most important things. These two letters will go to France and the USA today. For both envelopes I had some stamps left that fit the same theme, that always makes me very happy.




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