Plymouth – the UK one

You might wonder why its been a while again since my last post (or maybe you didn’t notice but let me keep dreaming) and the reason is that I was on a little trip for a week. First I went to Hamburg for the wedding of one of my friends from school, it was a lovely day and beautiful wedding. Straight from there (yes I went straight from wedding to hotel to airport without any sleep…) I went on a plane to the UK.

So I haven’t been in the England part of the UK for a while and unfortunately this trip was not so much a holiday but more for education purposes. I went to take part in a Marine Mammal Observer and Passive Acoustic Monitoring course. Both something that I’ve been interested for a while and got lucky when looking up the dates that they were being held this November. I’m not going to bore you with details but can say that for me they were super interesting. The courses were held at the National Aquarium in Plymouth and thankfully there were a few hours every now and then that I was able to explore Plymouth a bit.

Plymouth is a really nice town (not sure whether to define it as town or city but it seemed more like a town) and you can pretty much walk everywhere, always a plus in my opinion. Within the first day I learned that indeed this is from where the first pilgrims left on there way to America. To be honest now I’m questioning they’re creativity that upon landing in America they called they’re new home Plymouth as well. But who am I to judge, they were probably a bit homesick. Unfortunately I didn’t have the time to visit the museum to learn more about that part of the history but that’s just more of a reason to go back one day. I think in Summer Plymouth must be really beautiful with lots to do and explore.

Unfortunately while packing I did something very stupid, though I did pack my camera charger I did not pack my camera… so I could only take photos with my phone.


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