Mail is still happening

So for some reason I have been super busy these last two weeks, feeling like I only have to blink and a whole week is passing by. I mean really how can Christmas be only eleven days away????

But when I did have time I managed to get a little bit of letter writing done, okay mostly Christmas card writing but I did manage to reply two of my incoming letters while two others are still waiting to be answered. Hopefully I can find some time on my next day off…..

Anyway here are some pictures of incoming letters and postcards and the pile of outgoing Christmas cards that will be send tomorrow (most likely some of them won’t get to their end locations in time but oh well).

A couple of days ago I also walked past Tchibo and found something that made me stop a second and then decide that it was just too good a deal to pass by (even if I already have christmas deco tapes that I can only use ones a year). But 7 Euros for 12 tapes was just too good and I told myself that half  of them are actually not that christmassy and I’ll be able to use them at other times too 🙂



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