Coming and Going of Letters

These two letters are the first letters I wrote this year and they are on their way to the USA and the UK. Although the one to the UK might have already arrived as they have been send last week. Letters outside of Germany now are 0,90 € in postage so while I still have some other stamps from last year I’m combining them to make up the right postage. Letters inside of Germany are now 0,70 €, so the increase for both have been quite a bit but it’s still okay and I love some of the new stamp designs they have come up with. There are some with images of microscopic algae and gem stones that I can’t wait to use.


These three letters were the first ones reaching me in the new year. The one in the back from Australia is a late Christmas card. The other letters are from a pen pal in Poland and my new pen pal Keeley in the States (if you don’t know her blog you should check it out as it is fantastic). I am very excited to start writing and exchanging thoughts with her. The plan is to write a reply to both of them before I go to visit my sisters in a few days. Oh and that postcard is one my sister send to me in december. It’s one of many postcards where they have translated german phrases to english and they are quite funny.



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