Herborn, Hessen

Over the weekend I visited a friend in Herborn. We hadn’t seen each other for the last three years since we finished our Bachelor’s degree in Australia. Considering she lives only about 2 hours away you’d think we had seen each other quite often but we always happened to be in different countries. But it finally worked out and we had a lot of fun. She showed me all around Herborn, which is the place selected for the 56. Hessentag this year. So there were quite a few construction zones around the city but on Friday we had great weather and went for some long walks. There are a lot of studwork houses (I really hope that is the right word for these houses but I had to look up the translation) in this area which makes it a lot of fun wandering around the city. You can see the houses I mean in some of the photos below. The old postbox was outside the town hall and my friend told me that is was still possible to use it and gets emptied regularly. They also have a wildlife park that is open and free to walk through all the time. Thats were we found that cute llama as well as some dear, swans and goats. Most of these were too far away though. Afterwards we took another walk along the Aartalsee. This walk it about 5km and it is really nice to walk all around the lake. The rest of the weekend the weather wasn’t too good and we had to find some fun stuff to do indoors. We went to the Mathematikum in Giessen, which is a fun mathematical museum where you can do all kinds of fun things.


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