London – part three

The third and last day we spend in London was actually only half a day as we had to start making our way back to the airport around three. As the weather forecast wasn’t to good we decided to do something inside. My sister is not a fan of museums so unfortunately those were all out. Instead we went to Shrek’s Adventure London (we had bought a combi ticket together with our Madame Tussauds ticket, so it was a bit cheaper). Although we had seen the flyer about it and I read through it, I still didn’t really know what it would be like. It’s mostly directed towards children and they are usually the ones that are more incorporated. But if you’ve seen the movies (and know in your heart you’re still a child), it’s quite fun. Anyway so what is happening at Shrek’s Adventure. You are in a group of 30-40 people (when you buy your tickets they are for a specific time) and go on a tour to Far far Away. During a 4D Busride with Donkey you crash and accidently kill one of Rumpelstilzchen witches (Uuups). Now Rumpelstilzchen is pretty mad at all of you and as a group you have to find Shrek to save you. During this you get led from one location to the next and meet quite a lot of the different characters. I’m not sure if this description makes any sense but oh well that’s just the way it is 😀

Then we just went walking around London a bit more to see Piccadily Circus and I also finally figured out why everyone in Britain loves Paperchase so much. It is a great store and I really had to tell myself not to buy everything. Though I already regret not getting a few of the things I saw… We also ended up walking past Buckingham Palace (actually one of the few things about London I remembered from like 20 years ago). Now what really surprised me was that the guards didn’t wear red coats but grey ones. Anyone has any clue why that could be? Is it a Sunday thing? Do they only wear the red coats when it’s the changing of the guard? Are the grey ones for winter?


So now all that’s left is to share with you all the amazing souvenirs I bought. Some might say that I went a bit overboard, but who knows when I’ll ever be back at the Harry Potter Studios (because really the souvenirs are totally HP dominated). I did buy a couple of London postcards and postcards from paperchase but just realised that I did not take any pictures and now part of them is already on the way around the world to penpals.


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