Happy days for my mail box

It is time for another incoming and outgoing update of all the interesting snail mail that has so far happened in february. I’ve got quite a few letters and postcards so far and since I attempted and (failed) to write something everyday for Month of letters there are quite a few send pieces as well. So enjoy the beauty that is Snail mail πŸ™‚

First of these are the incoming letters and postcards I got in February so far, including some lovely letters (and look at those stamps!!!!) from America and my first ever postcrossing card from Malaysia. The letters from my penpals are amazing as always πŸ™‚

Now these are all the letters I wrote so far in February. The envelope on the bottom right is a birthday gift for a penpal and since I had to use one of those bigger padded envelopes it doesn’t look as nice, it was very hard to decorate. from experience I know that washi tape (or at least some them) don’t stick very well to these so I used some of my National Geographic stickers to make it a bit prettier.

Lastly a couple of postcrossing cards I send. With postcrossing cards I often forget to take photos before I send them of as I sometimes get too excited and write them just before going to a postbox and then they are gone before I think of photos. There were I think at least 2 or three more postcards (the stamps on the third belong to postcards where I forgot to take a picture of the front…ups).


Lastly I also got some other things in the mail such as my stamp order with lots of great new stamps and an amazing Jane Austen inspired necklace from an etsy shop called Authored Adornments. I love the necklace so much that I just have to show it off here as well πŸ™‚ It has a quote from Persuasion on it.


5 thoughts on “Happy days for my mail box

  1. I’m eternally in love with your scientific illustration/naturalist/general animal-and-nature themed washi tapes and envelope designs! (And also glad that my letter made it to you in one piece πŸ™‚ ) That Jane Austen necklace is so lovely, too! I love literature-inspired jewelry!

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