Crochet coil baskets

I made these little baskets a while ago, well actually one was made in October and the other one in January but so far I hadn’t gotten around to taking photos of them. Like with most other craft projects in my life at the moment I got the idea from a blog. In this case it was my poppet makes , a fun blog with lots of creative things to explore. As soon as I saw this I wanted to make some rainbow baskets myself and went in search of old t-shirts to cut up and make the coil from. The start for these is very tricky for me (although it looks so simply it always takes me like ten attempts to get it right). I’m actually planning on making a couple more with a dark blue coil and a different but also colourful yarn but the last time I sat down to make them I just couldn’t get the beginning right. The bottom circle just didn’t stay flat, so I got frustrated and decided to leave that for another time. But anyway here are a couple pictures of the two I did manage to get right 🙂


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