Crafting the weekend away

First up (well they were kind of first and last and in between since I made them over the whole weekend) are these little dreamcatchers. I kind of got carried away a little and ended up making six even though I didn’t even need one. But I had all the stuff lying around and felt like making them. Now I have to figure out who to give them to 🙂


I also got inspired by all of Emma’s  (from Puddlesidemusings) DIY upcycle projects and decided to use some pretty decopaper I had lying around to make my boring black box, where I keep some paperbits for mail art, a little more interesting. I always thought that we didin’t have Modge Podge glue in Germany but figures, I was wrong and my mom actually had some.

The next thing I did was make some more table sets. These are a birthday present for one of my friends who plays a couple of different instruments likes music so this fabric seemed fitting :).


I made a couple more things as I took part in the Secret Penpal Scavenger Hunt (organised by Fab from SnailMailLove) but you’ll have to wait a bit longer (until reveal day when we are allowed to show what we send and received) to see them.


4 thoughts on “Crafting the weekend away

  1. Your dream catchers are so cute!
    That’s always the case though, isn’t it, that you have no need for something but have the materials and before you know it you’ve got more than you know what to do with 😀
    And thanks for the mention! I love the decopaper you used for the box, it’s so colourful 🙂


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