Step by Step: Dreamcatcher

Hey there,

so this is my first attempt at writing a tutorial on how do craft something… I apologise if it’s not perfect and just a little bit picture heavy.

First of what do you need:

  • for the circle I usually use some old bangles that I don’t wear anymore (of course you can also go to the craft store and buy something)
  • yarn/string, I tend to use embroidery yarn for these small ones as we have lots of these around, if you want to make bigger ones you might want to use cord/string that’s a bit bigger)
  • beads/shells to decorate
  • feathers
  • Glue (I use this jewellery glue because it is very easy to just get a little bit out of it)
  • and of course a pair of scissors


When you’ve got all your stuff you start by putting a small bit of glue onto your bangle and wrap the end of your string around it. Once the glue is dried tightly wrap the string all the way around. Then you add a bit more glue to secure it. Now cut off the length of your string that will make the inside pattern. I usually just estimate but for this I measured and had about 80-90cms. There will be a bit left but that can be used for the dangly decorations.


The next step is to start the pattern that makes up the pretty part of your dreamcatcher. Again you put the string around but with more space in between. I usually end up with 5-6 times around. At this point I usually add a needle to the end of my string so that it is easier to get into the individual spaces. Now you just keep going until you reached the middle, adding beads where you like.


I tend to put a bead or something in the very middle at the end because it makes it easier to disguise the knot at the end of your string. And I also again add a little bit off glue so that the knot sticks down and isn’t as visible.


Now all you’ve got to do is add three (or more if you feel like it, it’s really all up to you) pieces of string to the lower part and decorate them. Then one more to the top to hang it up and it’s all done 🙂


You can really do whatever you want it’s all up to your imagination and creativity 🙂 Have fun making some yourself 🙂


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