Postcards from Ireland

I feel like it’s been ages since my last post, even though it was only a week. A lot has happened for me though since I went to Dublin for 5 days and it was a lot of fun. Just as I got back I found out that I am working almost every day this week, so I probably won’t get around to write a long blog post these next few days (I do need to sort through all my photos first). While I was in Dublin I did send some postcards though so here is just a quick look at them:

These were for family/friends and penpals as I remembered to take a list of all the addresses I needed with me this time. I really like the stamps that I got from the post office, they all had a different picture on them and all feature something from the 1916 Easter Rising. I really enjoyed learning so much about this event as I’ve never really heard about it before.

There will be a post or two about my adventures in Dublin just as soon as I’ll have time to sort out my photos and write everything šŸ™‚


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