Secret Penpal Scavenger Hunt 2016: received

About a month ago I decided to finally participate in the Secret Penpal Scavenger Hunt, a really cool round robin swap thing organised by Fab from Snail Mail Love. Since I started following her blog a couple of years ago, I’ve read about these and always thought it was a cool idea but wasn’t able to participate since one the timing never worked and two I also didn’t have a blog at that time. This year I was very excited and also really nervous to take part in it but it was so much fun and an absolute blast to do.

The way it works is that you get a list with ten categories and choose five of them to send something to your partner plus one extra gift that you buy. The partner you send to is also not the same one you receive from which makes it even more exciting in my opinion :). In this post I will show you what I received from my partner and in the next one what I’ve send.

My package came from Jen in Canada. She has a really cool blog called Beautiful Junk, that you should check out 🙂 The package was amazing and I had a lot of fun unpacking everything. So this was what I got to see first, though it didn’t say SPSH 2016 on it I was pretty confident that that was what it was 😉 and after opening the package I saw all these great packages for me to unwrap.

These were the little packages when they were still beautifully wrapped, they looked so pretty.

The categories were:

  • Something that represents me
  • The Bad day Survival Kit
  • Something to wear
  • Something to use when travelling
  • Something to read
Some great recipes I can’t wait to try out and samples of great smelling teas (I haven’t tried it yet but look forward to it)
This book she put in the bad day survival kit made me laugh out instantly so it definitely does the trick, there was also some candy, hot chocolate, candles, cute stickers, the card with uplifting words and bath salts
Already wore this pretty scarf, its great for work
A great passport cover that is absolutely perfect
A Calgary magazine that looks really interesting
And as the extra gift she got me this postcard booklet that looks amazing

As you can see everything was amazing and I am so thankful for Jen for putting so much effort into it. Really loved it all.

So if you are curious for what I send my partner, i will show you tomorrow 🙂



3 thoughts on “Secret Penpal Scavenger Hunt 2016: received

  1. Thank you so much for sharing! I’m so glad you had fun with the swap 🙂
    I have the same postcard booklet, I’m sure you’re gonna love it! There’s lots of fun prompts on them 🙂

    Fab x

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