Dublin March 2016 part 2

As I mentioned in the previous post while in Dublin we also went out of the city for a little bit. The one time was to go to Howth Peninsula which is about 12 km north of Dublin and you can easily get there by bus. In the tourist information we even got the tip that we should take the bus all the way to the summit (if we wanted to go both there and the village) and then walk down, instead of the other way around. It proved to be a good tip because the weather wasn’t too good, lots of wind and some rain every now and then, so it wouldn’t have been a good idea to do the whole coastal walk anyway and this way we only had to walk down. Sometimes I can be lazy and appreciate not having to walk up a hill 😉 especially if the weather isn’t too nice. We still had a lot of fun though we just didn’t walk the path right along the cliffs.


The day trip we did was one of those organised bus tours. It was supposed to do the Wicklow mountains and Glendalough, however as it had been quite cold the nights before there was actually snow in the Wicklow mountains and the roads where closed. We were a little bit disappointed by that but it was still a nice tour. Glendalough is an old monastery where you can now visit the ruins. There is one large tower that is quite interesting as the entrance is several meters of the ground. Apparently that is because the people used to hide in their in case of a Viking attack. They would get in through a ladder and then pull the ladder into the tower. Quite clever I think. What wondered me though is that the entrance didn’t look that high up so I do wonder if the Vikings hadn’t figured something out to get up there anyway… who knows. There are also two really nice lakes around Glendalough, a small one and a larger one and it is possible to walk around there which was really nice. After Glendalough we also stopped in Avoca where Avoca Handweaving is and since some of our tour had to change we got a short tour through their factory. That was also quite interesting but unfortunately all the weaving machines weren’t turned on so you couldn’t really see how they worked.





3 thoughts on “Dublin March 2016 part 2

    1. I feel the same about a lot of places around Germany that I should probably visit. You never seem to do the touristy things in your own town/country until someone comes to visit and you realize you have no clue where would be nice to go with them 😀

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      1. Very true – like, I’m always saying that there’s nothing at all in Limerick and it’s a really boring place, but then I remember that there’s a castle right in the middle of the city and that that’s quite interesting to a lot of people…especially americans who don’t have castles all over their country.When you asked me what there was to do in Dublin, I knew a few things off the top of my head but then I decided to look some things up, basically there was an entire list of places where my reaction was ‘hmm, never been there, sounds interesting, I should probably visit that place over the summer’ 😀


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