March mail so far

I know there are still about two weeks of march left but there are quite a few postcards I’ve received so far in march that are worth showing of. These are mainly incoming postcards from postcrossing as well as a couple from friends. The following three were my favourites so far this month coming from Germany, New Zealand and Canada.


These were all postcrossing cards with one card from Russia that was send at the end of December. I was very confused that the sender wished me a Happy New Year until I looked at the date and saw 29.12.2015.


These were my favourite stamps from this batch of postcards:


I also received and wrote a few letters this months. In my outgoing mail the theme is already decidedly Spring and Easter, I’m still hoping that Spring will finally get here. We had a super nice spring day last week, of course when I was working, but now its back to being really gloomy outside.

Today I also sorted through some old magazines for bits and pieces to use in snail mail decorations. In one of them I actually found this old leaf, not sure how long it was in there at least about 5 years so now its beautifully pressed.



4 thoughts on “March mail so far

  1. I love that fairy postcard–I used to read so many books illustrated by that artist in my childhood 🙂 Glad to see my letter made it to you, too! And it looks like you’ve got some very cool magazines to incorporate into your outgoing mail!

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