Outgoing letters

Hi there,

so it’s been a while and I really don’t know how April went by so fast. I was really busy getting everything ready for working in Iceland again. As my flight is tonight now everything is pretty much sorted out and I finally have time to write a post again.

I received quite a few letters recently and I did manage to reply to some of them. A few will come with me to Iceland and I write/send my replies from there. All these letters were send within the last two weeks. These three went to Russia, Ireland and Poland.

The next letters went to Canada, France and Indonesia. The large envelope you can see in the background underneath one of the letters is a birthday present for a friend from Uni. I’m really bad with sending birthday presents on time but this is over a month ahead so I think she should get it 🙂

I’m hoping that once I get to Akureyri I’ll be able to post more regularly again. I’ve still got three letters to reply to and packed a letter writing kit with hopefully enough envelopes, paper, stickers and tape to last a while. I also took my painting and crocheting stuff with me as well so I should be able to get some crafting done 🙂


Postcards, Postcards everywhere (oh and there’s letter too)

So we all know days (well everyone that sends a lot of letter and postcards), you’ve just finished replying to the last letter that was waiting to be replied to and most of your letters have been send within in the last couple of weeks. What usually follows are a week or two (maybe even more..) of lonely mailboxes and you are actually debating about maybe finding more penpals just so there will be more of coming and going mails (even though the number of penpals you have is already high enough), but then at the end of this comes the day you open your mailbox and there is a letter or postcard waiting. Suddenly there is something waiting for you every time you come home and life is good again… or maybe that’s just me 😀

Anyway what I’m getting at with all this is that I’ve received a lot of postcrossing cards and five letters in the last two weeks or so and Im gonna show them to you now 🙂 First of all the postcards from China, Netherlands, Slovakia, USA, Austria, Italy and Russia. It’s a really interesting mix of postcards with some lovely stamps as always.

Now for the incoming letters, there were five but I haven’t taken a photo yet of the letter that arrived yesterday from France. So these four lovely letters came from Russia, Poland, Germany and Canada and I love how colourful they are 🙂 So many birds and flowers, seems like spring really is making itself known (even in the mail). The way I know that spring is definitely here is because the little family of sparrows have been busily building there nest in the a little corner next to my room (from the outside of course). I can hear them bustling around and chirping every night and morning. They’ve been doing that for years, really there was already a family living there when I was still in school so I believe that it’s the same family coming back every year to use the nesting place again 🙂 It’s probably not but it makes me feel like I could write a Beatrix Potter story about them, if I had any talent for writing.

DIY Loop Scarf (tutorial – kind of)

A couple of weeks ago I found this gorgeous fabric (and it was on sale) so even though I’ve never use this kind of thinner fabric before I just had to get some of it. Right away I also knew what I wanted to make with it: a loop scarf (or as it turned out two as I had enough fabric for it).

Last weekend I took a day long course on how to sew a t-shirt (it turned out really nice for a first time) and I waited until after this course before I attempted the scarf hoping to learn a bit more. It turned out to be a good idea as I did learn more about how different fabrics behave and also a bit more about how to use my sewing machine.

So back to the scarf, on the right you can see the first scarf after it was ready. I only figured out that I want to write up a little tutorial about after I had finished the first one. So what you need is:

  • fabric you like size 140-150cm x 70
  • sewing machine

First fold the fabric in half so that the left side faces up and pin the sides together. As one of my sides had the fabric edge on it I left a bigger bit standing over to cut of later. Of course you can also cut that bit off before but as I’m not good at cutting long bits evenly it was easier to cut it of after sewing it.

Next I used a different stitch to clean up the edge and prevent it from fraying. I don’t know what the stitch is called so I took a photo of it.

So once the sides are all done you pull half of the fabric through till the other end, with the ride sides lying on the inside facing each other. Now these sides will be sewn together leaving only a small opening which will be used to pull the fabric through at the end. Just to be sure I also used the above stitch on those edges too. Then you need to sew that small opening together by hand using very small stitches.

And voila the scarf is done 🙂 I still love this fabric so much and am very happy with the result.