DIY Loop Scarf (tutorial – kind of)

A couple of weeks ago I found this gorgeous fabric (and it was on sale) so even though I’ve never use this kind of thinner fabric before I just had to get some of it. Right away I also knew what I wanted to make with it: a loop scarf (or as it turned out two as I had enough fabric for it).

Last weekend I took a day long course on how to sew a t-shirt (it turned out really nice for a first time) and I waited until after this course before I attempted the scarf hoping to learn a bit more. It turned out to be a good idea as I did learn more about how different fabrics behave and also a bit more about how to use my sewing machine.

So back to the scarf, on the right you can see the first scarf after it was ready. I only figured out that I want to write up a little tutorial about after I had finished the first one. So what you need is:

  • fabric you like size 140-150cm x 70
  • sewing machine

First fold the fabric in half so that the left side faces up and pin the sides together. As one of my sides had the fabric edge on it I left a bigger bit standing over to cut of later. Of course you can also cut that bit off before but as I’m not good at cutting long bits evenly it was easier to cut it of after sewing it.

Next I used a different stitch to clean up the edge and prevent it from fraying. I don’t know what the stitch is called so I took a photo of it.

So once the sides are all done you pull half of the fabric through till the other end, with the ride sides lying on the inside facing each other. Now these sides will be sewn together leaving only a small opening which will be used to pull the fabric through at the end. Just to be sure I also used the above stitch on those edges too. Then you need to sew that small opening together by hand using very small stitches.

And voila the scarf is done 🙂 I still love this fabric so much and am very happy with the result.


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