Postcards, Postcards everywhere (oh and there’s letter too)

So we all know days (well everyone that sends a lot of letter and postcards), you’ve just finished replying to the last letter that was waiting to be replied to and most of your letters have been send within in the last couple of weeks. What usually follows are a week or two (maybe even more..) of lonely mailboxes and you are actually debating about maybe finding more penpals just so there will be more of coming and going mails (even though the number of penpals you have is already high enough), but then at the end of this comes the day you open your mailbox and there is a letter or postcard waiting. Suddenly there is something waiting for you every time you come home and life is good again… or maybe that’s just me 😀

Anyway what I’m getting at with all this is that I’ve received a lot of postcrossing cards and five letters in the last two weeks or so and Im gonna show them to you now 🙂 First of all the postcards from China, Netherlands, Slovakia, USA, Austria, Italy and Russia. It’s a really interesting mix of postcards with some lovely stamps as always.

Now for the incoming letters, there were five but I haven’t taken a photo yet of the letter that arrived yesterday from France. So these four lovely letters came from Russia, Poland, Germany and Canada and I love how colourful they are 🙂 So many birds and flowers, seems like spring really is making itself known (even in the mail). The way I know that spring is definitely here is because the little family of sparrows have been busily building there nest in the a little corner next to my room (from the outside of course). I can hear them bustling around and chirping every night and morning. They’ve been doing that for years, really there was already a family living there when I was still in school so I believe that it’s the same family coming back every year to use the nesting place again 🙂 It’s probably not but it makes me feel like I could write a Beatrix Potter story about them, if I had any talent for writing.


4 thoughts on “Postcards, Postcards everywhere (oh and there’s letter too)

    1. I display my favourite ones for a while on my walls and every now and then switch them out, they then go in a postcard album. All the other ones I have filed by country in a little case. Eventually I want to display them on the wall in the shape of the world (if I ever have a wall big enough) 🙂

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