Outgoing letters

Hi there,

so it’s been a while and I really don’t know how April went by so fast. I was really busy getting everything ready for working in Iceland again. As my flight is tonight now everything is pretty much sorted out and I finally have time to write a post again.

I received quite a few letters recently and I did manage to reply to some of them. A few will come with me to Iceland and I write/send my replies from there. All these letters were send within the last two weeks. These three went to Russia, Ireland and Poland.

The next letters went to Canada, France and Indonesia. The large envelope you can see in the background underneath one of the letters is a birthday present for a friend from Uni. I’m really bad with sending birthday presents on time but this is over a month ahead so I think she should get it 🙂

I’m hoping that once I get to Akureyri I’ll be able to post more regularly again. I’ve still got three letters to reply to and packed a letter writing kit with hopefully enough envelopes, paper, stickers and tape to last a while. I also took my painting and crocheting stuff with me as well so I should be able to get some crafting done 🙂


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