First send mail from Iceland 2016

I’m pretty sure that last year I had a post with the same title but as you might have noticed when it comes to titles I am not the most creative person there is. I’ve never been, even in school I always had a hard time coming up with interesting titles and headings for things. So I hope you forgive for having the same twice, so that there is no confusion though there is the 2016 šŸ˜‰

Anyways I had four letters with me that I didn’t manage to reply to before I left so that’s what I’ve been doing on my days off so far. All of these have been written now and the last two will be on their way to the post office tomorrow.

These two went out last week already, one on the way to Germany and the other on the way to USA. There’s not much to see as it was pre-post office trip šŸ˜‰


The other two were written yesterday and today and will both be going to Europe, one to the UK and the other one to Ireland. I’m not too fond of these stamps too be honest. Hopefully next time I go the postoffice they will have some nicer ones and there won’t be as many people waiting so that I can ask for specific ones. I’m really hoping that they will have the Europa 2016 stamps as I do like the design and the message for this year.Ā IMG_20160512_163542


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