Whales and Birds

I have been working a lot this last week and whales is really almost all that’s been on my mind. We had some of the best tours this season over the weekend and thankfully I had my camera with me on all of them. So yes I will start with some more humpback whale fotos but I promise other things will come. Over the last few days we were so lucky and saw a lot of breaching whales. It all started sunday morning with one whale that jumped about 8-10 times right in front of us and then just more and more cool stuff happened (groups of up to 3 together, feeding right in the harbour, new whales showing up and tailslapping/lobtailing/flipper slapping all from on whale). On one day last week we also saw a few white-beaked dolphins in the fjord. That was the first and so far only occasion that i’ve ever seen them here in Iceland (or anywhere really) and very exciting.

I have also started to try to learn more about some of the different bird species and for that tried to get photos of the ones we see in the fjord as well. Now I don’t know about all of you but taking photos of birds in flight is really hard. Whales are so much easier. But these are the few that I’ve managed so far:


3 thoughts on “Whales and Birds

    1. Thank you 🙂 Haha were did you go whale watching? It’s definitely different in different places around the world and you have to be there at the right time in the season. I once went whale watching in Sydney and it was the last day of the season, so I knew the chances were very small to see any. In the end we only saw some dolphins but it was still quite fun.

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      1. I go every once in a while in Monterey Bay. Actually, my best-ever whale sighting was from a pier! It was in San Simeon, California, and the whales were popping up, fishing, right in front of everyone, around & under the pier.

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