Yarn and Paper

Since I have spend so much time working and hanging out with one of my best friends who’s working for the same whale watching company this year (she just arrived last week) I didn’t actually get around to a lot in terms of being creative. Though I did start a little art journal type thing but I’m not sure if I want to share those things. But it’s my friends birthday next week so I decided to make her a scarf as a birthday gift (there will also be a humpback painting if I’ll get it done in time). It still can be quite cold on the boat so I hope it will be a good gift and she’ll be able to use it. I made a similar scarf last year for myself while I was here but found some higher quality yarn now. It’s not completely done, I still have to sew in all the yarn beginning and end pieces but I’ quite pleased with the result.


In terms of mail not much happened since my last mail related post. I’ve only written one more letter, which should reach it’s destination soon. I’m super pleased though that I managed to match the stamp and envelope to have the same theme. It doesn’t often work out like that but when it does I am always really happy. It’s not exactly the same lighthouse but they do look quite similar in my opinion 🙂


Thankfully I do know now that my new address works and I receive mail as my mum’s test postcard arrived a couple of days ago. She always sends a card to test whether mail will arrive and surprisingly this card arrived even though there was a small mistake in the street name. But that’s Iceland I guess, there are not so many streets in Akureyri and really not that many buildings that have a ninth floor 😀 She send me a really cute reading teddy bear card that’s already up on my wall.




4 thoughts on “Yarn and Paper

  1. Now I recognize that envelope as mine 😀 I was so excited to get my first Icelandic stamp! I sent a reply to you today ❤ Those teddy bears are adorable, by the way!

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    1. I love Icelandic stamps they are so great, and they have so many different designs here too. Can’t wait to get your reply, I’m really intrigued to see how long the letter will take to arrive 🙂

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