Happy Mail Day

Even though I’ve been back in Iceland for over a month now I only just yesterday actually send some postcards again. I know, it’s crazy and totally unnormal behaviour for me. But there are some good reasons, one mostly everyone I know and count as family/friends/penpals god a postcard from Iceland last year so I don’t feel in a rush to send them again. Reason number two is money (always that bad m-word), though postcards are fairly cheap (about 99 ISK =0,70 €), stamps are not. For anyone that is interested, it is about 1,30 for a card/letter within Europe and 1,70 for a card/letter outside of Europe. Now if you know me or have been reading my snailmail posts for a while you also know I can not say no to pretty stamps, which is the reason I caved and went to the post office to buy some if the Europa 2016 stamps that are already released in Iceland. I love the motto of this year (think green), but I don’t like that every country basically uses the same design. For the two cards I send off, I used the new Europa stamp (for within Europe as they are both going to Germany). Luckily they have a bit of a different design for cards/letters going outside of Europe, still the same motto but Ocean themed. I will show that to you in another post when I actually have a letter to send again.

But on to even more happy news, I got mail yesterday 🙂 It was a good mail day as I got two postcards from my mum as well as a letter from my penpal in Florida. My parents went to Bavaria and visited my sisters, but they also went to fly with a Zeppelin. On the way back they drove along the ‘Sissi-Street’. Now I’m a big fan of Sissi (also known as the Empress of Austria for most of the 19th century) and I was really happy to see that card. They visited a winter residence of Sissi and got to see an exhbition featuring lots of her dresses, including the one she is wearing on the postcard. I’m just a little bit jealous 🙂



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