Long overdue snail mail

So do you know this feeling when you just have no motivation for anything, whether its reading, writing letters, watching movies or writing a blog post… Well this is what happened to me in the last couple of weeks. Even though I did have technically quite a few things to do, they just didn’t happen. It’s not because I was working so much that I didn’t have the time, actually the opposite I was working a lot less than I liked to and had plenty of free time. I’m still not completely  through this phase but I think I am getting there. So I decided to finally write this post about recent snail mail activities happening around here.

I actually received four letters in the last two weeks but am pretty proud of myself that I did manage to reply to two letters as well. These letters came from all over but the most surprising is probably that the letter from my german penpal actually took a whole month to get here. I’m still wondering how that happened and whether it took a bit of wrong turn at some point…  Both times these letters actually arrived on the same day which I thought was very interesting. The first two letters came from USA and Ireland. The other two from Indonesia and Germany.


Now as I said I did manage to get around to writing some replies. Both of these went out to the USA and I actually manage to match the stamps to the envelopes again. The letter with the seal (or is it a sea lion??? I’m actually not quite sure) envelope will actually look very different when it arrives because at the post office I was told that it is indeed a bit over 50 grams so we had to add 4 or 5 stamps for additional postage 😀 Really liked how that looked though I only just managed to keep the seal from being covered by stamps. The woman at the post office was great though and she even gave me stamps that matched the envelope 🙂



3 thoughts on “Long overdue snail mail

  1. I’m glad my letter got to you. I always worry about the first time I send a letter to an address because I always manage to convince myself that I’ve written it wrong!
    And I understand that feeling all too well! It’s often when I have fewer things going on and the time to actually do things that I get that way and it can last for a few weeks.


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