Snaefellsnes Peninsula part 1

This is a bit late but for some reason I never got around to writing about my long weekend trip to the west of Iceland before. At the beginning of June I had three days of in a row and decided to visit a friend of mine who was working on a Sheep and Mussel farm in the west. It was a great short little trip and we used the full day to drive to Snaefellsnes, a gorgeous Peninsula just a few hours north of Reykjavik and a few hours south of the west fjords. The Peninsula is a bout 90km long and there is so much to see that it is worth it to spend a few days there to explore properly. I definitely have only seen a small part of all there is to see. It wasn’t a planned out trip, more of a spontaneous where could we go/ lets go see the glacier trip. Although the weather that day was pretty gray and even a bit rainy at the end, if you are driving through stunning landscapes that change every hour it doesn’t really matter.

This is a very picture heavy post just because in this case the pictures will show the beautiful landscape much better than if I would try to explain it. Because there are so many photos showing the different landscapes I divided it into two parts. The ones here are mostly from along the coast driving on the road that goes around north and west part of Snaefellsnes where the National Park is.

The Lighthouse is called Malariff Lighthouse and like most lighthouses here in Iceland doesn’t look like a typical lighthouse. I tried finding out any more information about it but unsuccessfully. We basically just parked close to the lighthouse and walked from there to the Lóndrangar cliffs (the three photos on the bottom). These cliffs are two ancient volcanic plugs (60 and 70m high) and are home to a lot of nesting Northern Fulmers. You can also park a bit further down the road and then walk to the cliffs from there, which is I think what most people do.


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