Snaefellsnes Peninsula part 2

Snaefellsnes peninsula has gorgeous landscapes and along the way I found lots of little plants that I couldn’t resist getting some close-ups of even though I don’t know what any of these are. The yellow ones especially were so beautiful just growing between the rocks and lava bits in places where you just don’t expect this speck of colour.

The main reason for our drive to Snaefellsnes was that we wanted to see the Snaefellsjökull, the glacier. The glacier is a 700,000 year old stratovolcano with the glacier covering the top of it. As we got higher up into the mountains though we realised that that’s probably not gonna happen as the road was impassable and still covered in lots of snow. Our car was definitely not ready to drive through snow, so like pretty much everyone else we had to turn around again.

But shortly after we found something that more than made up for not seeing the glacier, this gorgeous waterfall. I think that this is Bjarnafoss and we found it by accident, almost driving past thinking there is just another waterfall. The atmosphere there was amazing though, there were only a couple other people that disappeared quickly after we got there.


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