Letter Fun

I am slowly catching up on all my reply’s which seems to be a good thing as every time I finished writing one a new letter turns up in my mailbox. These two are on a european journey to Ireland and Germany. I really like the theme of the Europa 2016 stamps (Ecology in Europe – Think Green) and the design fits once again to my envelopes (yay). The only sad thing is that this year every country is using the same design.

My incoming mail this week so far included a letter from America and a beautiful postcard from the UK, which is already up on my wall.


Recently I could not resist buying a few new crafting supplies. I just can’t say no to travel and nature themes and convinced myself that they weren’t as expansive as they actually were. I’m really curious to try out these Washi Stickers and see how well they work. Has anyone used washi stickers before?


In case you were wondering how my desk looks like when I write my letters, the answer would be very chaotic 😀 I always have a movie, audiobook or music playing so my laptop usually has to find a spot on the desk as well. While writing this letter I was watching ‘The Hobbit’ 😉IMG_20160709_103525


4 thoughts on “Letter Fun

  1. This is fantastic! For my latest blog post I have been really reflecting on & rediscovering just how awesome snail mail is & I’ve been perfectly amazed at how awesome the snail mail community (for lack of a better term) is online. Thanks for sharing this honest insight into your mailing/letter writing method. ☺

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