Letters old and new

Once again I only have incoming letters to show but they are well worth showing off. After June was so slow work wise, July was packed full and even my days off were spend doing lots of stuff. Hopefully I will get around to writing about those things soon.

I don’t have any letters I send off to show you due to the afore mentioned work load but these pretties made it’s way to me in different ways. The one from the UK and one of the US letters arrived in the normal postal way. The other two actually were send to Germany and arrived just a couple of weeks after I left for Iceland. As my parents were visiting last weekend they brought me a bunch of stuff and these two letters of perfection were in the bag as well. So not only did these letters see both Germany and Iceland now they also got to go on a cruise with my parents. I would say they are some well traveled letters 😉

Now this following letter from Canada was such a surprise. My mum already told me I got mail from Haley, normally when she tells me who I got mail from I recognize my penpal names right away but this left me super confused. Did I have a penpal that I forgot about (terrifying thought), did I somehow left my address online somewhere for everyone accessible (also a bit of a scary though as I don’t want everyone on the internet to know my address), did I meet a Haley somewhere while I was travelling and we exchanged addresses???? So many possibilities but my brain just couldn’t figure it out…. Last Sunday this mystery was finally solved. At a beginning of february I read about a girl making a documentary about snail mail and mail art and since I loved that idea I took the chance to send something (I honestly can’t remember the letter I send) to help her out. That girl was Haley (mystery solved, yay!!!). However Haley went above and beyond in her thank you letter, she not only send a thank you note but heaps of other amazing paper bits that absolutely made my day. So much that I know am tempted to send her a thank you note for her thank you note which would just start a vicious never ending cycle (Emma, if you are reading this you know what I’m talking about ;), this is how we ended up as penpals because we couldn’t stop sending thank yous for the thank yous…). Oh the problems of being a snail mail lover 😀 Anywhere here is the awesome letter that she send 🙂

Excuse the shadow in the photos, if you want to believe it or not the sun is actually shining today. Crazy times here in Iceland!!! 😀



One thought on “Letters old and new

  1. Oh the thank you cycle! I maintain it’s an excellent way to become friends 😀
    And I can see why you’d want to send a thank you in response to her thank you because there’s some lovely stuff there!

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